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It is important to note that on some occasion’s treatment may not be suitable or additional tests may be required to ensure the best and safest treatment option is given to you. In this case, you will be referred to your GP.

What to bring to your appointment
If you have any test results or reports from investigations you have had, for example a colonoscopy or endoscopy, or blood tests, please bring these with you to your appointment.

Important Considerations
Treatments will involve assessment of the abdomen and often other areas of the body that may be a source of your problem. This may on occasion mean dressing down to your underclothes. It is understood this isn’t always a comfortable process and you may be assured that modesty will always be preserved. Shorts, leggings and singlet tops are appropriate and are also comfortable to wear during treatment, if you want to bring some along. We also have some available at the clinic. If you feel uncomfortable at any moment please always let your practitioner know. You will never be required to do anything you are not comfortable with.

Some discomfort may be experienced during assessment and treatments, but the aim is to keep this to a minimum with your feedback being important during treatment.
Less often you may experience some soreness or an exacerbation of symptoms within the days following treatment (this is often called a ‘treatment reaction’). Visceral pain can be complex and each person's response will be different and pain may sometimes present in instances when it is least expected. If you have any concerns please contact your practitioner.

If you are feeling unwell before your appointment it is always best to reschedule your appointment and see your GP instead.
It is also advised that if you have ongoing issues that are not resolving that you should see your GP so they may perform any investigations and if necessary refer you to a specialist.

Please note that you are always welcome to bring a friend or relative with you to your appointments.

Please be assured that your confidentiality is of the highest priorities.

Cancellation Policy: It is kindly asked that you please give 24 hours' notice when cancelling an appointment so the session may be offered to someone else. Cancellation within less than 24 hours' may incur the full fee.


Visceral Osteopathy
Initial Consultation 50-60 mins
  • Full Case History & Assessment

  • Explanation & education on presenting symptoms and assessment.

  • Osteopathic treatment which may include as needed: Visceral manipulation, abdominal massage, soft tissue massage and release, joint mobilisations, manipulation, stretching & oscillations

  • Treatment protocol explained with likely length of treatments required.

  • Reassessment followed by treatment

  • Self-care advice on digestive tips, toilet tips, sleep & stress management

  • Home programme of self-massage and exercise where appropriate

  • Communication and updating other allied health professionals or general practitioner as required.

Visceral Osteopathy
Follow-up Consultation
35-45 mins