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Visceral Osteopathy: Stomach Massage to improve your
Gut Health.

Fiona is an osteopath who is passionate about gut health and managing stress. She uses visceral osteopathy, abdominal and stomach massage techniques to help adults manage their digestive complaints, like constipation, bloating and reflux, pain and discomfort and to help induce relaxation and address stress and tension held in the abdomen.
While diet is a vital aspect of keeping your digestion healthy, manual therapy along with other important lifestyle choices outside of diet may also help contribute to a healthy functioning gut.

Fiona is available at clinics in Chatswood & North Sydney for
Adults of all ages.

Visceral Osteopathy

Visceral osteopathy is a manual therapy technique that is used to treat the viscera (organs) and their associated tissues. Here at Topaz Health, Fiona utilises this treatment to help support and improve digestion and visceral hypersensitivity or 'stomach 'pain and discomfort, as well as induce deep states of relaxation by stimulating the vagus nerve, which is responsible for our rest and digest state.

Visceral Osteopathy is sometimes likened to abdominal massage or stomach massage. Gentle pressure and manipulation is utilised to release restrictions and tensions in the connective tissue surrounding the viscera of the thoracic, abdominal and pelvic cavities. Sometimes more general massage of the stomach and abdomen is also applied.

A holistic approach to healthcare is taken whereby any area of the body relevant to the problem may be treated, for example the jaw (TMJ), neck and back, in addition to the area of discomfort. By addressing these restrictions, the body's natural healing mechanisms can be activated, leading to better overall health and well-being. 

Adults of all ages are treated at the clinic.

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colon massage for constipation
colon massage for constipation

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