New Location - Killarney Heights Wednesdays from July 17th

Taking a holistic approach, Fiona uses her background training in holistic and deep tissue massage, along with osteopathic soft tissue massage techniques from her osteopathic training, to provide a therapeutic treatment that is suitable for people who don't have a specific ailment or injury but are experiencing general non-specific muscular aches, tightness, tension and fatigue. The massage treatment aims to improve the body’s posture and movement, along with blood flow and lymphatic drainage for improved tissue health. It also is beneficial for deep relaxation through activating the parasympathetic nervous system.
For first time appointments, Fiona will go through a short case history and assessment. Along with soft tissue massage techniques, stretching, general mobilisations and oscillatory techniques may be used to help encourage deep relaxation and help to free up restrictions.

One hour and 45 minute appointments available. 

Please be aware that private health insurance for massage treatment claims is only available under osteopathy items. It cannot be claimed under remedial massage or myotherapy items.

Fiona's primary treatment is visceral osteopathy which is a gentle non-invasive treatment that she uses to help people with digestive issues, general abdominal pain and discomfort and is also a great treatment for encouraging deep relaxation.

Cancellation Policy: It is kindly asked that you please give 24 hours notice when cancelling an appointment so the session may be offered to someone else. Cancellation within less than 24 hours will incur the full fee.


Available at Killarney Heights and North Sydney only

Introductory Offer for Killarney Heights - $20 off 1 hour massage for new clients (not valid at North Sydney)